Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Facility
Van Buren Street
WWTF Chief Operator – Edward Scharpou
Email: dwwtp1@gmail.com


Please note!!

Village Taxes and Water/Sewer Payments
can be processed online for a fee through
the following website


Please use PLC Code – A00183 – Taxes
Please use PLC Code – A00184 – Water/Sewer

PLEASE NOTE: The August water/sewer bills are out and there is a note regarding NO CASH payments. A new village policy for payments is checks, money orders or online payments. This policy was adopted July 27, 2018 due to M & T Bank closing in our village and we cannot use GPO Federal Credit Union for municipal banking (deposits, collection, etc.) However, you can use whatever financial institution you want and we encourage you to check with your bank or credit union regarding electronic bill pay options. We were informed by GPO if you have a savings account with them they can prepare a cashier’s check for your water/sewer and tax payments. The above information will be used for all tax collection payments too.
Payments can be made during regular business hours at 41 North Main Street – Village Hall and please note there are two mail slot drop boxes on each side of the front door for after-hours payments.

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